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Can You Really Eat Frozen Halal Chicken Thigh Meat? Is It Healthy?

Posted by Admin on July, 23, 2019

Whenever you went for shopping chicken in the supermarket, you must have noticed the labels of ‘Halal Chicken’ on them. What is it? The word Halal is Arabic denotes that it is permissible to eat by the Islamic law. According to it, the poultry should be slaughtered to kill through the process of cutting to the carotid artery, jugular vein, and windpipe.

There are also some mandatory rules before selecting the poultry or chicken, i.e. they should be healthy and alive at the slaughter time and most importantly the total blood must be drained from the carcass. A Muslim should recite shahada or tasmiya (an Islamic dedication) during the process.

There is a debate that if stunning is allowed during halal or not! According to HFA or Halal Food Authority, stunning is banned for killing animals. So, don’t worry about the ‘Halal Chicken’ tag, it is completely safe to eat.

Frozen Chicken thigh: is it healthy to consume?

First, let’s talk about frozen chicken. In the world of health sector, chicken is definitely the hottest commodity and something that you always keep your fridge. Right?

The consumption of frozen chicken is not harmful for your health. It is often a better alternative to red meat. When you shop at the supermarket stores, you get the frozen chicken pieces at cheaper rates than the freshly cut chicken from the market… no worries, they are equally healthy. After all, most people buy the fresh chicken pieces from the market to store them in their home refrigerator! So, it’s really not a big deal!

Now we come to the nutrition value of chicken thigh:

• Chicken thighs include a rich amount of monounsaturated fats. It is called the dark meat. It remains moist through its skin layers. And, due to its fat contents, consumption of chicken thigh helps in weight loss, controls bad cholesterol levels, and decreases the chances for cancer and heart diseases. It also includes sufficient amount of good cholesterol, sodium, and iron.

• Before you start the marinating or seasoning process, thighs are a winner! The dark meat has an appetizing and intense flavor to eat.

• Chicken thighs are cost-effective to buy as very less people are aware of its health benefits and thus it has a low demand in the market than chicken breasts or wings.

How do frozen chicken thighs work?

You often get frozen chicken thighs in sealed packets in the supermarkets, which is a natural commercial way of selling things. It is to ensure the preservation of utmost freshness and nutrition value to the frozen and chilled chicken pieces in the packaging method.

A quick freezing technology is used to make the frozen chicken thigh pieces. In this way, the body fluid quickly turns into crystals and the chicken thigh pieces do not lose their natural texture and also its nutrition value.

Added to that, the frozen halal chicken thigh meat suppliers use an injected saline solution into the chicken pieces so that they remain full in salt contents.

Just remember to defrost the chicken thigh pieces well before cooking.

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