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Why Should People Opt For Whole Chicken (Halal, HACCP)?

Posted by Admin on September, 10, 2019

Especially, hand slaughtered accordingly to Islamic requirements, the Halal-certified whole chicken is processed in accordance with Halal guidelines. This facility maintains a strict adherence with all humane animal treatment and slaughter requirements, including cut accuracy. HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) certified whole chicken means there is control in potential hazards in whole chicken production.

The whole chicken with Halal HACCP certification has got a lot of benefits and is considered to be healthy for mind and body. There are many sellers of HACCP nature Halal certified whole chickens in the market, looking for serious buyers to extend our long term business with customers.

Benefits related to HACCP nature Halal certified whole chicken are as follows: -

• HACCP nature Halal certified whole chicken has a low incidence rate when it comes to contamination and food poisoning. Muslims who process this chicken keep in mind the hygienic rules that have been set by their religion. Hence, the whole chicken with Halal HACCP certification is safer to eat.

• When the jugular vein is cut, the blood from the chicken is drained out which assist in taking away all kinds of harmful substances from the meat. Blood consists of high levels of uric acid which can be quite damaging to the human body if consumed. Research proves those chickens killed through other methods, their meat consists of e-coli bacteria and other harmful substances.

• When a chicken is sacrificed in the Halal way it keeps all the organs of the animal intact. Any other method used when killing the chicken can damage their organs and this would again mean that the organs would consist of contaminated blood.

• Killing the chickens through a cut in the jugular vein is the most painless death.

• HACCP nature Halal certified whole chicken being free from harmful and filthy substances is not just vital for the body but also for the mind.

• Whole chicken (Halal, HACCP) promises good health and can keep people protected from diseases. Furthermore, people will be able to develop a stronger immune system and their organs will function smoothly. HACCP nature Halal certified whole chicken is free from impurities, alcohol, blood, and urine means that people will have a well-developed body and mind.

In fact, HACCP nature Halal certified whole chicken brings in a lot of benefits hence not just Muslims but anyone who believes in eating healthy should switch to it.

Whole chicken (Halal, HACCP) is in demand among many people across the world. The Sellers of HACCP nature Halal certified whole chickens offer a quantity approved a range of whole chicken in the market.

The Whole chicken (Halal, HACCP) are available with the below specifications: -

• No feathers

• No broken bone or bruise.

• Pure white in color and no blackspot

• No bad smell.

• Clean and fresh

• No extravagant blood

• Waterless than 3%

• Cornea from the nail removed

• Yellow skin off

• No toxic chemicals

• No ammonia burns

• Hygienic packaging

• Freshness

• Good in taste

• Best for health

• No Artificial Colors or preservatives added

The offered whole chicken is well processed and packaged using the latest technology. The product can be easily availed by the clients at economical rates that suit their pocket without having to compromise on their quality.

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